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PremKudva's Journal

Premnath Kudva, Mangalore, India

Premnath Kudva
23 May 1963
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Who am I?

My name is Premnath S. Kudva, and I am from Mangalore, India. I am married to Suchitra and we have two daughters, Sneha who is eleven and Kavya who is five and a half.

My interests include stamp, coin and currency note collecting. In stamps I collect mint stamps, mostly directly from the postal administration of the country I am interested in. Besides mint stamps I also buy Year Books and Year Sets of a few selected countries like New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and Great Britain. I have hosted several posts on some of the stamps in my collection, to see them check my stamp collection here at LJ.

I collect proof coins of the US from the US mint. At ebay I have been able to buy buy quite a few commemorative proof coins for my collection. I also buy a few selected proof coins issued by the India Government Mint.

I am also very much interested in reading. I used to read a lot of fiction, some of the authors being Jeffery Archer, Frederick Forsythe, Sydney Sheldon, and John Grisham. During my school and college days I have read a lot of Enid Blyton (Secret Seven, Famous Five et al), Arthur Hailey, and James Hadley Chase.

I still read a lot of magazines and books, while I had reduced reading fiction a few years ago due to paucity of time, I have since resumed reading fiction and non fiction novels.

I have a decent collection of Indian currency notes, most of them in UNC condition. Several of them I got at my bank and friends at face value, others which are not circulating I got through eBay and Baazee (now eBay.co.in) auctions and once at a stamp exhibition here in Mangalore.

I collect scale model cars, and would love to have a model train layout sometime in the future.

I have a some interest in astronomy and look at the skies once in a while. I can tell only one or two of the constellations and none of the stars. I am deeply interested in space exploration, and manned space travel. And hence check everything that is available on those topics.

I edit a few articles at the Wikipedia.

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