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PremKudva's Journal
Premnath Kudva, Mangalore, India
The Cardamom Club 
4th-Apr-2005 12:40 pm
You might wonder what this entry is all about. It all starts with a last page column titled Last Word in The Week magazine. One of the writers of this column is a Jon Stock, who's in England, and I assume comes regulalry to India.

And so he happens to write articles about India. Last time I had wanted to post links here about an column he wrote several months ago. It was about calling help lines in England, where the calls were routed to India. And how he would call these help lines, such that he could talk to an Indian. Anyway I was unable to get The Weeks online link for that article and soon forgot all about posting it here. He writes very regularly about India in his columns. He must have been an Indian in his previous birth, since he writes nice things about India.

Todays column Breaking the vaccuum and mentions about a blog being maintained by an Indian in Delhi called Vivek's Space. And The Cardamom Club is a book which Stock wrote. In the Week column this week, he confesses to googling the titles of his book, which lead him to Vivek's Space. Vivek first penned an entry saying he was borrowing this book, and later made an entry saying the book was not worth reading, and not worth commenting too. Heh! Heh! Now Stock tried to "speak" to Viivek on his journal but he didn't believe that he was the real Jon Stock until Jon Stock on my Book. Heh! Anyway Vivek is now pretty pleased bout his new fame, in The Week entry.
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