Premnath Kudva (premkudva) wrote,
Premnath Kudva

Golden Jubilee of 1965 Operations

The Mumbai Mint opened bookings for this coin from 10.12.2015 to 10.02.2016. Order was sent on 3.2.2016 and coin set received on 24.6.16. It comes in India Mint's new improved packaging. Like the previous coin set that I received this too had silver foil stamping on the cover and on the box. The national flag had enamel printing on it. Good show coming after a very long time.

While the booking form mentioned "Golden Jubilee of Indo-Pak War 1965" the cover and box says "Golden Jubilee of 1965 Operations". The coin itself looks very good. It is a proof 50 and 5.

Tags: coins_notes

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