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PremKudva's Journal
Premnath Kudva, Mangalore, India
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25th-Jun-2016 09:17 am - Golden Jubilee of 1965 Operations
The Mumbai Mint opened bookings for this coin from 10.12.2015 to 10.02.2016. Order was sent on 3.2.2019 and coin set received on 24.6.16. It comes in India Mint's new improved packaging. Like the previous coin set that I received this too had silver foil stamping on the cover and on the box. The national flag had enamel printing on it. Good show coming after a very long time.

While the booking form mentioned "Golden Jubilee of Indo-Pak War 1965" the cover and box says "Golden Jubilee of 1965 Operations". The coin itself looks very good. It is a proof 50 and 5.

25th-Feb-2016 10:37 am - 2015 Gingerbread Man
Canada Mint 2015 Gingerbread Man $20 silver coin for $20.


25th-Feb-2016 10:26 am - 2014 Snowman
Canada Mint's 2014 $20 for $20 silver coin.


25th-Feb-2016 10:20 am - 2013 Santa
Canada Mint 2013 Santa $20 silver coin for $20.


22nd-Jan-2016 12:38 pm - International Day of Yoga 2015
The Mumbai Mint opened bookings for this coin in July 2015. Order was sent on 6.7.2015 and coin set received on 17.12.2015. This is the first India Mint coin set that I am receiving that are presented in a rather good packaging with silver foil stamping on the cover. Instead of a sleeve they have a closing box cover. Much improvement after a long time.

26th-Mar-2015 08:49 am - Death of a Cobra
Couple of weeks back a dead cobra or Naag was found underneath some stores and spares in our leaf spring processing section. Here in Dakshina Kannada district cobras are held in great reverence. And so a purohit was called right then to cremate the cobra under full Hindu rituals. And today was the bojja day or the 12th day when they held this maha puja. It was held near the place where the Naag was found.

I then learnt that while we are paying for the puja, collections were taken out and donations worth ₹36 thousand had come in, including from non company people who are renting spaces in our premises. The puja was complete with the anna prasad or lunch for all the people present numbering some 300.

While I have heard of last rites being conducted for a cobra, this was the first time I had seen it. The purohit who conducted it supposed to be a Naga specialist. That image of the Naag that you see is actually a very large and elaborate rangolli and unlike regular rangollis that I have seen this one was in relief with raised and lowered portion [3D].

Once the puja was over the purohit in one smooth uninterrupted sermon told us in Tulu the reason why this puja was being conducted. And that's when I understood why the Naag had so much relevance in our district. The reason being our region is called Parashuram Shrashti, as per legend land that arose from the sea after Parashuram threw his axe which landed at Gokarn and from where this land was reclaimed from the sea. This I knew [the legend] but purohit went on to tell that the creatures [perhaps the cobra or all lost in translation] said that humans didn't deserve to occupy this land. Hearing this Parashuram said that the humans would forever pray to the creatures.

Finally he told us that if the Naag died and went to his final place without this puja being done, the Naags in the final place would taunt him and throw him out. He would then come back and take vengeance on the humans for not conducting the puja. But since this puja has been done he would now be accepted in his final place [Naag heaven?! perhaps] and he would be proud of all of us showering us with health and wealth. Wealth being several times what you have currently, 10 times 100 times he said.

A story worth telling here I thought. I didn't take more photos since no one else was. And I didn't want to look in appropriate for the occasion being the boss and all. Even then I asked permission before taking these three photos.

The lunch was in our canteen, but prepared by Brahmin cooks who had come along with the purohit. It was quite good.

23rd-Feb-2015 12:27 pm - 60 Years of Coir Board
The Mumbai Mint opened bookings for this coin in July last year. Order was sent on 16.7.2014 and coin set received today on 23.02.2015.

The Mumbai Mint opened bookings for this coin in December last year. Order was sent on 1.1.2014 and coin set received today on 9.05.2014. This is a new record for fast delivery, "just" 4 months and 9 days.

The Kolkota Mint opened bookings for this coin in May last year. Order was sent on 8.5.2013 and coin set received today on 5.05.2014. Compared to last years another item received in a "record" 5 months this one is abysmal. At least for the India Govt Mint commemorative coin I would have thought it would have reached earlier.

List of Indians whose stamps were issued when they were living. They also got the Bharat Ratna award.

Order Awardee Bharat Ratna Stamp issue date
3rd Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 1954 5-9-1967
[80th birthday]
5th Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya 1955 15-9-1960
[on 100th birthday]
8th Dhondo Keshav Karve 1958 18-4-1958
[on 100th birthday]
11th Rajendra Prasad 1962 13-5-1962
[on date of retirement as Pres]
18th Mother Teresa 1980 27-8-1980
[on birthday after receiving Nobel Peace Prize]
43rd Sachin Tendular 2013 14-11-2013
[on day of his 200th test match]

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